Freebits is a crypto-native web3 decentralized social network built on a public utility EulerChain blockchain protocol.

Your posts are cryptographically signed by you, stored on-chain and displayed in a reverse chronological order.

No middlemen. No algorithmic biases. No shadow-banning.

This is the future of public communications, especially for journalists (professional journalists, mainstream media companies, independent journalists, citizen journalists, photo journalists, data journalists, anonymous journalists), influencers, creators, activists, leaders, politicians, NGOs & everyone who believes in the true ownership of their online identity, posts, personal data & social connections.

Freebits has built-in support for decentralized identity, DAO creation, verifiable on-chain voting, social DeFi trading, verifiable NFT avatars, social NFT marketplace, decentralized storage, AI-powered news bots, Data bots and fully anonymous encrypted DMs.