What is Freebits ?

Any democracy is impossible without freedom of speech. In good old days, we had public squares i.e., open public areas in a town where people gather and where public speaking, free speech, debate and discussion are allowed for everyone. In the last two decades, the rise of social media platforms and tech communication tools dwarfed all these physical public squares. We now express ourselves in bits, over the Internet.

Unfortunately, the current social media platforms are not true public spheres. Jack Dorsey (co-founder of Twitter) frankly admitted that free speech was never a mission of twitter. He is right. The existing social media platforms were not designed to protect our free speech and first amendment right. They are centralized communication platforms where the users are the product and the advertisers are the paying customers. The rules about which content is acceptable are made by the parent tech company. These rules are often contradictory, unfair and biased. The enforcement of these rules is not transparent. Tech companies regulating online speech is a very dangerous precedent, to say the least.

A recent pew survey found that approximately 75% of Americans believe that social media sites intentionally censor political viewpoints. For example: BLM activists say they are being silenced by facebook. Conservatives say they are being unfairly censored online. Numerous such examples can be found in several countries across the world. This is creating unprecedented chaos... left, right and center.

Who should regulate online speech ? Is it the governments or the tech platforms ? The answer is no one. Silencing, banning and de-platforming the speech you do not like is not a long-term sustainable solution.

Freebits is a decentralized, permissionless, immutable, uncensorable online social network, globally accessible to everyone with an internet connection. It is built on top of the unstoppable and uncensorable EulerChain protocol. It is decentralized i.e., no central authority can ban or de-platform people. It is permissionless i.e., anyone can join (using public key cryptography primitives) without a centralized approval process and express their thoughts on EulerChain. It is privacy-preserving i.e., whistleblowers (and anyone) can safely communicate truth to the citizens while simultaneously proving that they belong to the right corporation, using zero-knowledge proofs.