What is Freebits ?

EulerChain is a third generation Ethereum-compatible blockchain protocol with ASIC-resistant mining, privacy preserving transactions, high tps and low transaction fees. We have built an ecosystem of interoperable scalability solutions and a decentralized storage protocol on top of EulerChain. We have built a set of public utility protocols (decentralizd identity, anonymous communication...) on top of this ecosystem. Our ecosystem enables high throughput global social media communications, not controlled by any tech company or any government.

Freebits is a crypto-native decentralized social network built on top of the above-mentioned EulerChain ecosystem. It supports both public conversations (similar to twitter, instagram) and fully anonymous private communications (without requiring any personally identifiably information).

Your posts are cryptographically signed by you, stored on-chain and displayed in a reverse chronological order. No algorithmic biases. No shadow-banning. This new way of public communication is THE future, especially for journalists, influencers, creators, activists, leaders, politicians & everyone who believes in the true ownership of their online identity, posts & social connections.

Freebits is a radically new kind of social media. It has built-in support for decentralized identity, DAO creation, verifiable on-chain voting, social DeFi trading, verifiable NFT avatars, social NFT marketplace, decentralized storage, AI-powered news bots, fully anonymous encrypted DMs, tamper-proof photos, videos, credentials and tamper-proof on-chain storage of socio-economic data (eg: unemployment numbers, prices of consumer goods, CPI to prevent data manipulation by governments and other centralized entities).