Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freebits ?

Freebits is a decentralized, permissionless, censorship-resistant, global micro-blogging social network built on a new open EulerChain protocol that cannot be controlled by any tech company or government. Freebits has a built-in support for decentralized blue checkmark, tamper-proof photos, videos & AI-powered news aggregation and fake detection. For more details, please read our white paper online or download pdf file.

What is the seed phrase ? Why do I need it ?

Seed phrase encodes your public and private keys. Your public key is your own self-sovereign decentralized identity. You have to enter the seed phrase every time you post anything on freebits. Only you should own it. Do not share it with anyone. Freebits platform does not store your seed phrase. If you lose your seed phrase no one can recover it.

You can use the seed phrase to post your thoughts on the EulerChain blockchain, without depending on any centralized entity. These posts are visible to everyone on eulerchain explorer. This is the true uncensorable freedom of speech.

Your seed phrase is not required when you 'like' or 'repost' any posts.

Also, remember the massive twitter hack ? A hacker got access to several twitter accounts (including Apple, Biden, Obama, Musk) and posted tweets on behalf of these accounts. That kind of massive attack is impossible on freebits platform, because seed phrases are not stored on any centralized database. Each user is responsible for securing her seed phrase. There is no centralized database with seed phrases of thousands of users.

What are Streams ?

We use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Semantic Analysis to analyze hundreds of thousands of news articles daily and organize them into streams. Here are some examples of streams: ~Artificial Intelligence, ~BlockChain, ~Privacy, ~Bitcoin, ~DeFi, ~arXiv.cs.CC and many more.

You can follow individual streams to get news about your favorite topics, people, companies, and products, in your freebits feed or directly in your email Inbox. Streams allow you to consume news you care about, without creating hundreds of keyword alerts.